What’s Inside my Bike Bag?

Road Essentials

The 15 Essentials I Keep Inside of my Bike Bag for Every Road Ride

1. Pencil

2. Nail Clippers

3. Bontrager Air Rush C02 Cartridge with Pump

4. Trash Bag

5. Kashi Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bar

6. Spare Change

7. Chamois Butt’r For Her 

8. Emi Jay Hair Tie

9. Park Tools Vulcanizing Patch Kit

10. Gu Electrolyte Hydration Tablets in Strawberry Lemonade

11. Bandana

12. Spare Tube

13. Pedro’s Tire Levers in (in pink of course)

14. Pair of Head Phones

15.  Carmex Strawberry Stick


Hello Lovelies!

Thanks for wandering upon my blog! If you would like to learn more about me and my new blog then continue reading… and if not I suggest checking out another post 🙂

My name is Kelsie, I dwell in Iowa City Iowa, I study communications and entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa, and most importantly I love bikes! I am also pretty fond of various other things such as traveling and exploring cities, food and drinks (I have given myself the title of myself a food concierge in the training), cooking, fashion and beauty, natures and all of its creations, antique shopping, live music, and connecting with awesome new people like you!

My love of bikes started when I was fairly young. I can still remember hopping on my plastic big wheel and cruising around my parents driveway. I felt like the coolest kid in town. Then as I got older my parents eventually let me cruise past the end of the driveway… dang the was an exciting day! Not only did I feel cool, but I experienced something new. I felt free. With the wind in my hair, the sound of uneven training wheels hitting the ground, and pink handlebar tassles tickling the top of my legs, I fell in love. I fell in love with biking and the way it made me feel… Skip ahead about 18 years and that love of bikes has become my passion. I am an avid road bicyclist, but really enjoy any and all types of biking. I try to commute as much as possible on my bike. It always brightens up my mornings, and it is typically much easier than driving, plus not wasting gas is a big plus in my book!  I am blessed to work in a bike shop surrounded by great people and amazing opportunities. Follow me as I continue to explore the biking word, and make plenty of fun stops along the way!